Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Release !!!

The latest release allows you to go into settings and enable the touch feature. The touch feature allows you to melt flakes as you touch them.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

I've downloaded and installed it. How do I set it up as a Live Wallpaper?
Follow this procedure:
•go to your home screen
•press the menu button on your device
•select "Wallpaper"
•select "Live Wallpapers" *
•search and select for "Christmas Live Wallpaper"
•select "Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activate it
(* if you don't see "Live Wallpapers" option in the "Select wallpaper from" menu then your device probably doesn't support Live Wallpapers)

I can't find this on the market. Where is it?
Your phone is probably unsupported.

This LWP is very cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?
In a number of ways:
•by contacting me if you have any issues, not mentioned in this FAQ
•by saying thanks
•by buying me a cup of coffee or a pizza
*by downloading my other apps

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Initial Version have been released!!!

This is a great live wallpaper for anyone who appreciates the ability to customize how your phone will look.

Please post all comments and e-mail about the bugs you have discovered on your phone.
E-mail format:
Phone Type:
Screen Resolution:
API Version:
OS Version:
Issue Description:
How to Replicate:

Thank you and please enjoy all the free software updates...